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I just love my roommate when he’s drunk and using my computer </3

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" I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. "

- Vincent Van Gogh

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Clever DIY

I thought this was worthwhile sharing with you. Mirror transforms into table! Ideal for small spaces. via home story

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Saytr Hoof Boots by Horseking

And, if you have a spare $683 USD, they can be yours.

If you prefer single hoof, it’s more around $458.

Gotta admit I do for real want satyr boots like this someday just to hang out in public wearing, but you need to be soooo careful who you get them from. Some people brace them with a steel insert so they balance like a normal heelless high heel, but others don’t and you need to consciously walk on our tiptoes when you wear them to prevent falling and breaking your everything. Make sure you get all the details from the seller!

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HBD to myself. Still being the same ass as always <3
My eyebrows look weird…. 

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